There are many paths that cross these places, kept clean and accessible by the various associations active in the area, some of them lead to unique natural emergencies, including the Tana delle fate in Castel D'Aiano, the Orrido di Gea in Villa D'Aiano, the caves of Labante in Labante among rare Travertine formations and spectacular erosion phenomena.
Still others help to keep alive the memory of some events that have profoundly marked this corner of the Apennines, primarily the Second World War, whose testimonies are still perfectly visible and can be visited.
Finally, human history, between work and life in the fields, between small villages and activities that have almost disappeared, which however speak to the hiker who knows how to look around, with a slow and interested step, this history which is still visible on all the paths that they can be traveled. All these aspects are an added value of outings in nature throughout the Apennines and can only be fully experienced with the careful accompaniment of local guides.

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