Emporio Musiolo is the food business in Rocca di Roffeno, a lively and welcoming village in the
Bolognese Apennines. In our emporium you will find courtesy and selected products at a reasonable
We believe in the value of short supply chains to guarantee products of superior quality, genuine,
fresh, healthy and capable of enhancing local companies in the agri-food and processing sector: for
these reasons we offer handcrafted products and products from farms in our area such as biscuits,
cured meats, cheeses, honey, pickles. The paths of the "Piccola Cassia" and "Linea Gotica" pass by
us, we also offer free recharging for E-Bikes.
I wait for you!


The Tondi oven was found at the end of the 1800s under the guidance of the master baker
Giovanbattista who handed down her passion for work and the secrets of traditional recipes to her
son Sergio. Over the years, the art of making bread was then taught to his son Saverio who, together
with his wife Ines and their children Simone and Ginevra, carry on a work of technological renewal of
the laboratory respecting the traditions. Each product, from mountain bread to desserts typical of
tradition, it is prepared in an artisanal way and without preservatives, combining the fragrance of
old flavors with the quality of ingredients increasingly "zero km" and following old recipes handed
down for generations.
You will find us a few meters from the square of Castel d'Aiano, in via Bologna 51.
Ines, Simone and Ginevra are waiting for you.
Tel 051/914684


We are Mattia and Manuel, we are 30 and 24 years old. We live in Castel d'Aiano in the province of
Bologna, at about 700 meters above sea level; here we run our family farm, certified organic by the
CCPB which covers an area of ​​about 80 hectares.
The passion for agriculture has been present in us since we were children and has strengthened over
the years. We have an agrotechnical diploma. We mainly cultivate cereals (ancient varieties-
combinations of soft wheat), legumes and to a small extent medicinal plants (lavender).
For the first time in 2021 we produced legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, black chickpeas and grass
peas. For us, organic farming is also a lifestyle: we try to look after the earth as best as possible, as it
was done in the past, without using substances that could alter the "life" present in the soil.
Our goal is to develop direct relationships with the final consumer; we also supply our products
directly to GAS, small specialized shops and organic producer cooperatives. Our products are
available from the end of September to June.
We can be reached at no. 339.1406618


Perfumes that smell of ancient, natural, genuine, homely come out of Valentina's artisan laboratory;
aromas that trigger memories of mothers in the kitchen, happy children and simple carefree
The vast range of strictly "homemade" products ranges from sweet to savoury, they are a safeguard
of tradition but also of research and innovation and, when possible, are made with local raw
materials: tigelle, biscuits with blueberry jam, Chestnut flour cakes, chocolate peaches, snowballs,
pistachio and hazelnut cream baskets, savoury shortbread baskets with spreadable cheese, savoury
witches, chestnut and chocolate chip cookies, savoury panettone and many other delights.
Upon request, fresh fruit cakes, personalized favours for communions and services for private
parties. The line of sugar-free products such as wholemeal biscuits, shortbread biscuits with wheat
flour and those with dark chocolate are much appreciated; satisfied vegan customers with spelled,
ancient cereals and turmeric biscuits.
We are in Rocca di Roffeno, in via Ciliegiola 33/1 - tel. 051.912945 - 329.5718697


We prepare fresh pasta respecting tradition, but I also propose various novelties. The gastronomy
production is varied and ready to be heated and put on the table.
The sweets range from biscuits to cakes of various sizes and flavours and can also be made to
customer specifications. On Saturdays and Sundays we also produce bread, breadsticks and pizza.
We suggest booking what you want because our ambition is to supply only fresh products, so that
they are able to express their maximum potential in taste, aroma and fragrance.
We are waiting for you in Castel d'Aiano in via Bocca Ravari 6 or call us at no. 051.914253


Your village "shop" where you can find a bit of everything.
Find us in:
Via Provinciale 36
40038 Cereglio-Vergato (BO) – Italy
VAT number 03586241204
Tel. 051-915176
Cell. 346-7081145