City of d’Aiano

Villa d'Aiano is located in a sunny basin overlooking the wide Panaro valley. There are three bell
towers, which date back to the 15th and 16th centuries and have been recently restructured, as well
as the oratory which can be dated to around 1639. Very suggestive in the surroundings of Villa
d'Aiano is the Mulino di Gea, which can be reached via the Belvedere route or following the Rio Gea.
It is an ancient mill whose ruined walls give off a magical charm. Three streams flow through Villa
where it is possible to practice trout fishing. On the first Sunday after August 15th, the whole town
of Villa d'Aiano mobilizes to organize the feast of the Patron Saint, with music, dances, lottery and


Bell tower of the Old Church

Church of S. Maria Assunta and St. Nicolò

Cerreti Oratory


Gea ravine