Cereglio lazily stretches out on the hills above Vergato, between 630 and 750 meters above sea level,
enclosed in a small basin facing south and protected from the north winds by verdant woods. Between one
bend and another on the road, which not so long ago hosted the motorcyclists of the Italian Mountain
Championship, you come across the hamlets called Suzzano, il Borghetto, Monzone, up to Cavara the
famous Cerelia. In fact, many link the name of Cereglio to this renowned source of alkaline water, without
knowing that it is not the only one. The mildness of the climate, the richness of the waters and the beauty
of the landscapes have already fascinated travelers in Roman times, but it is from 1117 that Cereglio is
officially mentioned in the Annals of the Municipality of Bologna. There are many artistic testimonies such
as the small 1300 fresco depicting Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, or the church dedicated to San Biagio,
(named in the 14th century and restored after the Second World War) which preserves a canvas depicting
the Madonna attributed to the painter Alessandro Tiarini. There are also many sporting activities that can
be carried out on the football, five-a-side football and tennis courts of the i Prà Sports Centre, as well as
along the renewed paths of the Vie del Sole: traced and safe paths for runners and bikers which wind
starting from the town centre, where you can return to recharge your batteries with good traditional


Parish Church of San Pietro di Roffeno

Water source of Cerelia

Church of San Biagio





Streets of the Sun

Serara Park

"I Prà" Sports Center


La Tana dell’Orso


Peccato di Gola


Agriturismo Antica Pieve

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