Water source of Cerelia

The spring flows from the depths of clayey soils, north of the town along the road to Tolè, in the solitary and emerald basin of Pradaneva*, keeping its volumetric flow and the external temperature almost constant in every season of the year.

Cerelia belongs to the family of so-called alkaline waters and, having a strong uric acid solvent power, is preferentially indicated in all metabolic diseases, but especially in kidney stones.

The unofficial announcement of these admirable therapeutic qualities was given since the beginning of the century (1909) by the famous Bolognese clinician, prof. P. Albertoni, the official entry into the great family of Italian mineral waters and marketing only began in 1953. *recent scientific investigations carried out in depth on the nature of the soil have revealed with amazement that the Pradàneva valley was, in the very ancient geological eras , perhaps before the appearance of man, a small lake.